Admin Area by Script Reaction

Streamlined Data Management

Latest Version : 2.0  |  Technology : PHP / MySQL / JavaScript
Powerful and customizable Content Management System (CMS)

Admin Area is a powerful web-based data management system developed by Script Reaction enabling authorized users to quickly and effortlessly maintain databases and web site content.

Users login to the secure, password-protected area and have personalized access and data manipulation permissions. Admin Area is fully customizable to fit the needs of any project and is seamlessly integrated into existing and newly developed web sites.

With Admin Area, you are in control. The system is customized to perform and excel for each web project making updates quick and easy. Best of all, Admin Area is simple to use - it can be used by individuals with minimal computer knowledge and experience.

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Admin Area Advantages
Admin Area is customized to each project - projects are not limited by what Admin Area is capable of
No knowledge of HTML or any other programming languages is required - users make updates without ever seeing any code
An unlimited number of user accounts can be created with customized privilege levels restricting unnecessary user access to certain data
Updates can be made from any computer as quick and easy as filling out an online form
Our Admin Area Clients
Organizations benefitting from Admin Area :
All-Inclusive Maintenance
No worries, hassle-free online presence

If you want to completely eliminate the hassle of keeping a web site maintained, we also offer maintenance packages. Trust Script Reaction to keep your investment looking professional and up-to-date.

We handle it all. Beyond routine updates, we have professional writing and editing capabilities for content generation (including technical writing). Combine this with our high-end graphic and branding services and your web site will continue to impress your audience, every day.

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